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Perfect moments deserve perfect, crystal clear water. The water maintenance of your spa is made easy by the exclusive features of MAAX Collections’ complete 4 step cleaning system and dual sanitization. The dual sanitization system utilizes the oxidation power of ozone combined with sanitization power of UVC light to provide clean clear water. This is the same technology that is used to sanitize drinking water all over the world.

Vita Spas

We’ve taken our cue from nature combining the benefits of ozone and UV light. The purification process starts with 100% continuous filtration. This means all of the water is continually being filtered and purified. The quality of water is one of the most important features to consider when evaluating a spa.

CleanZone: The CleanZone™ Ozone System is a cartridge oxidizer that is used to oxidize and clean your spa water. This water purification system will automatically maintain healthy, crystal clear water while reducing chemical maintenance.

CleanZone II: The use of the CleanZone™ II UVC light is the same technology utilized in many communities around the world to purify drinking water. CleanZone™ II kills 99.9% of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and parasites, making this the perfect system for your hot tub sanitization system.

The Power of Ozone and UV: When the CleanZone™ Ozone System comes together with the CleanZone™ II UVC light technology, our dual filtering system ensures that the maximum amount of water passes through the filter before it re-enters the hot tub. What does this all mean? Crystal clear water, minimal maintenance and a healthy, purifying experience for you.

Doughboy Pools

The above ground dual pool frog… a Doughboy exclusive product!

Taking care of your pool water has never been easier. Minerals help control bacteria, prevent algae and keep the pH neutral so you can reduce chlorine usage. Doughboy highly discourages the use of saltwater chlorine generators on steel framed pools, and the use of these products voids the Doughboy pool warranty. In an effort to give you an alternative to saltwater generators, Doughboy had teamed up with POOL FROG® to offer you the easiest, most efficient way to sanitize any pool up to 25,000 Gallons.

Advantages of the Doughboy Dual POOL FROG unit:

  • Reduces chlorine usage up to 50%!
  • No more red stinging eyes, dry itchy skin and faded swimsuits!
  • Substantially decreases your pool maintenance…less work equals more fun!
  • It’s simple…just turn on the dial and no adjustments are ever needed until replacing the Mineral Reservoir (only once per season)!
  • 5# chlorine pac in cycler provides long lasting support and added convenience!
  • Offers a 90 day algae protection guarantee when used with FROG BAM

Click here to view the complete POOL FROG System

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